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5 Amazing & Affordable Face Washes Perfect For Our Dry Skin Beauties !


Finding a good face wash especially when you have a dry skin can be a real task.A lot of face washes can totally dry out the skin, making it look flaky and dull. Women with dry skin must definitely use a Face Wash that can provide them with appropriate moisturizing and hydration.
Here I am Listing down 5 face washes that super cheap, affordable and readily available.

  1. Khadi Orange & Lemon Grass Face Wash: This face wash by Khadi is a bomb product for anyone with a dry skin.This one helps to clean the face perfectly and also boost the skin's moisture level.It provides very good hydration that everyone with a dry skin needs.The khadi face wash retails for INR220
  2. Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Foaming Cleanser: Priced at INR250,it helps lock in the moisture required for the skin to look beautiful.It leaves the skin with no trace of makeup or dirt and foams up amazingly.
  3. Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash : The dove face wash is specially formulated in a way that moisture lock technology, it makes the skin to supple and feel so good and hydrated.Skin looks remarkably soft , radiant and refreshed.This one is priced at INR79.
  4. Fab India Avocado Face Wash : Priced at INR165 , We all know how amazing are Fab India products ,they are all organic and natural, this specific face wash works super well for our dry skin ladies.It has avocado extracts that help hydrate skin and makes it look awaken and fresh.Its creamy texture helps lather up well and remove all the dirt and makeup from face.
  5. Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Face Wash: This deep cleansing face wash, makes your skin extremely smooth and bright.It's perfect for women with dry skin as it wouldn't dry out the skin in any manner because of the ingredients present and the formulation.The Nivea Face Wash is priced at INR99.

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