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Know The Difference Between BB Cream & CC Cream !


Am sure you all must have used or are still using a BB cream or CC cream .They are really handy products and mostly everyone's go to product.A lot of us even apply them on a daily basis .
But do you guys know that a BB cream is sort of different from the CC cream that we find in the market .

  • A BB cream stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm while the CC cream stands for Color Correcting or Complexion Correcting.
  • Both of these work in a bit different way ,The coverage that a BB cream would provide will be light or medium while the CC cream will provide a medium or full coverage ,a lot of us skip foundations and go for a CC cream .
  • BB creams can often have a thick more creamier texture than  CC cream that's generally more towards the light and airy texture.
  • Mainly the benefits of a BB cream are to provide the skin with moisture,a bit of prime,protect from sun rays ,to even out the skin tone a bit ,smoothen out the skin texture and brighten the face as well.
  • The CC cream provides with good moisture , a lot of them act as a primer as well and have SpF as well ,they give better  coverage when it comes to hiding blemishes and dark sports ,a more brighter skin and best is it's pretty good when it comes to concealing and correcting the dark areas on the face.CC creams also have skin improving properties
  • A BB cream is best for someone with a good skin in general , someone who doesn't have many flaws as such while a CC cream is good for someone who wants to hide the problematic areas,conceal dark under eyes and even pimples .

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