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Make Your Own All Natural Eye Serum at Home !


Eye Serums are very important for the eyes and to keep the under eye area all nourished and healthy.We all wish to get rid of dark, puffy eyes. This serum can be easily prepared by you all and can totally benefit you amazingly.

  • Take about 1/2 cup ground coffee and some almond oil.
  • Take a jar or a small serum bottle and add ground coffee to it .Pour just enough almond oil to cover the coffee grounds.
  • Close the jar tightly and let it stay for about good 4 days so that it nicely gets infused.
  • Using a cheesecloth, strain the infused oil into another jar or a clean bowl.
  • Now the serum is well prepared,

Now you can apply this every night to get rid of bad under eye circles and puffiness.

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