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Simple Ice Cube Beauty Tips That You Can Totally Follow !


Ice cubes seem so refreshing especially in summers ,sometimes i just love rubbing an ice cube on my face after a lot of sun exposure .You can do some really easy and simple things with just an ice cube!

  • Ice Cube as amazing to be used as a Toner ,It helps to close any open pores.Do this after washing and exfoliating your face.
  • Apply an ice cube right before you start your makeup to close all pores and have a smooth face texture.
  • If you want to reduce the pain you experience from twee zing ,use an ice cube before and rub it over your eyebrows ,so that you can have painless twee zing sessions.
  • If you want an instant face life ,Use ice cubes all over your face .It'll even give you a healthy glow.
  • An instant and super quick remedy to de puff your eyes is to Use an ice cube .This will considerably reduce the puffiness.
  • If you suddenly have a red huge pimple,you can use an ice cube over it to reduce it's size and redness. 

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