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7 Simple and Amazing Makeup Tips For Beginner's !


When you start out with Makeup,initially everything seems so tricky and even confusing ,But remember makeup is fun and full of new experiments.Here are few tricks that will help you as a beginner that you can follow .

  • Hiding Dark circles can get a bit tricky ,Use a concealer with a bit of an orange tone to hide any darkness around the eye and also any other eye ,and then you can go ahead with your foundation.Always apply Concealer under the eyes in an Inverted Triangle manner so that your eyes don't look baggy.
  • Blushers can totally brighten your over all look .It's always good to apply a blush according to your face type.If you are someone with a round face the blush should be applied along your cheekbones ,towards the ears to make the face appear slimmer .People with oval and square shape faces should always apply their blush on the apples of the cheek and highlight the cheek bones and give the face a good dimension.
  • A white eye shadow can make your eyes pop.By applying a white eye shadow as a base will make any colour pop and look more beautiful and defined.
  •  To give your eyes an instant eye lift ,use a highlighter to draw an arch over over the outer edges of your eyebrows and then blend it in .This will create an illusion of lifted eyes.
  • To get a glowing skin through makeup,apply a nice natural highlighter on the high point of your face,Like the cheek bones,bridge of the nose,cupid's bow .Blend it well and see how your face glows.
  • To make your lips appear more defined and bigger use a lip liner to first outline around the edge of your lips and then go in with your lipstick.
  • Use an Eyelash curler to make your eyes appear more open and fresh .This really does make a difference to your whole eye makeup .Once your curl your eyelashes go ahead with a mascara to get the perfect eye lashes.

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