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2 Quick & Easy Ways To Treat Excessive Underarm Sweating !


Summers are here , the weather is hot and humid and there is no stopping to the sweating we all
experience. Sweating is definitely all natural, but some people tend to sweat more than others.
A lot of us suffer from a lot of under arm sweating, It's like you go out of the house and the next thing you see is wet under arms.  Often underarm sweat can make us feel uncomfortable in front of others as well .
So to reduce the under arm sweating here are two super quick and easy home remedies that would definitely help you!

  • #1 : Tomato Juice: Tomato juice is filled with amazing amounts of antioxidants and allows us to fight the impurities of our body .  Tomato juice keeps our body clean most of the time.
  •  Tomato is a great way to deeply cleanse your body.
  • All of you have to do , have a shower and then apply tomato juice using a cotton in your under arms , nicely rub it and let it sink for a while , after that just wipe it off with a wet cloth .
  • It's a great way to keep the sweat at bay.
#2 : Lime Treatment : 

  • Rubbing Lemon in your under arm area is by far one the best home remedies for sweating issues.
  • Lemon is filled with ingredients that greatly control the excessive sweating some of us might experience .
  • Just before you hit the sack , rub some lemon in your under arms and then let it be there for overnight.
  • The next morning have a shower and wash it off ! 

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