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5 Gorgeous Lipshades To Go Perfectly With Your Pink Lehenga !


Pink looks so stunning on all of us Indian Brides ! I love pink and all the shades of it !

Here are 5 amazing lip colors that you can definitely check out and can totally team it up with your beautiful pink lehenga for your wedding !

#1 : Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick In Hooked On Pink : Retails for INR340 and is a perfect bright neon shade of pink!

r /> #2 NYX Doll : Retails for INR1210 , and is red based pink lipstick also it shows up great even if you have dark lips . The pigmentation is really amazing as well .

#3  MAC Pink Pigeon : Now this shade is like the ultimate shade of pink , that shade which we all absolutely love , It suits the Indian s
kin tone so amazingly well. This shade is like a Rani Pink shade . and retails for 2378

#4 : Maybelline Superstay Lipstick in Infinity Fuchsia : It's my favorite fuchsia shade lipcolor, It looks so good on the lips , Love this one . It's totally bright & bold . Retails for INR700

#5 Chanel Insolente 65 Rouge Allure: Chanel lip colors are just amazing, no doubts in that. This shade is like a brightening pink with blue undertones, this shade when applied makes the face glow like crazy .  Definitely very highly pigmented as well . It retails for INR 2947.

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  1. I have Pink Pigeon and absolutely love it.... i think it retails for 1500 and not 2378...