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Brides! Save These 7 Expert Tips To Get The Glow Before Your Big Day!


Every bride dreams of the perfect glow, when she walks down in the 'Phoolon ki Chaadar' towards her new life. But the question here is how to get it? Team #Weddingbytes bring you inside scoop of when to schedule your facials and treatments before you say 'I Do' and some beauty basics to get you started. Scroll down and save these tips to get the bridal glow!

#1 Start Early!
If you want that perfect glow on your big day we advice you to start early at least at year before. However, no problem if you don't have that long time, just start your skincare routine as soon as possible. 

#2 Schedule your facials!
Your wedding should be the reason to pamper your skin with expert facials. Book monthly facials to refresh your skin and massages that will help blood circulation to regulate blood flow in your skin.

#3 Avoid face oil!
If you have oily skin, avoid the excess oil, clean it off regularly with blotting paper. Use a mile face wash, skip the toner and add a lightweight oil free moisturizer. Also, don't wash your face excessively as it  kickstart the oil. 
#4 Super Foods to the Rescue!
No matter what you skin type is oily, dry, normal or a combo, it needs hydration, and water alone won't satisfy the need. So, to help your skin stay hydrate munch on some superfoods like watermelon. cucumber, tomatoes and grapes.
#5 Use salt scrubs!
Often brides forget to take care of their body skin like elbows. And to soften them we advise you to use salt scrubs.
#6 Take care of your lips!
Don't forget your lips as they get chapped easily. And to retain moisturized lips we advise you to use lip solution with atleast SPF 30. 
#7 Deep clean your face with a skin mask!
Skin masks doesn't replace your face washing routine, it only enhances the facial glow. As these masks helps deep cleaning the face and closing the pores. If you have an oily skin, use a mask daily, however if your skin is dry, once or twice a month is sufficient.

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