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DIY Body Srcub To get Silky Smooth Skin !


We often Ignore Our body and concentrate a lot on the face or facial beauty. Our body needs equal efforts to make it look gorgeous. Body scrubbing is as important as scrubbing your face, even our body gets accumulated with dead skin and it needs to be removed and even the pores need to be cleaned well. Home made scrubs are super easy to make and definitely show great results.

Here is one amazing Body Scrub that will suit all skin types!

  • Am sure you all know the amazing benefits of green tea, its properties help to keep so many health and beauty issues at bay. 
  • For this scrub you will need Green Tea and Sugar, Sugar is really one of the best exfoliants you can find in your kitchen.
# Start by taking 4-5 green tea bags and boil them along with some water. Now once the water gets boiled put the tea bags into it and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Take the green tea bags out and then take out the tea from the bags . Mix this with sugar and the boiled water.
Use this mixture to scrub your body gently. Massage well and then leave it for 10 minutes. After this, you can wash off your body with plain water.
Do this at least Once a week and you'll definitely see a huge difference in your skin. 

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