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Indulge In An At-Home-Beauty Session This Festive Season


With the festive season around the corner, the skin and hair needs to look healthy and stunning. All that over-indulging and a few too many late nights can often mean that the skin and body takes a hit, which gives more reasons to invest in some much-needed at home pampering session. You call it demand of my profession or just a disciplined routine, my passion for beauty has led me to develop my own skincare strategy with Tetley green tea!

While a session of being preened and pampered at a spa sounds exciting, I reckon that one can opt for some do-it-yourself solutions at home for this time of the year. Green Tea has become my go to beauty product and I couldn't be happier than to introduce this ingredient in my daily routine. Green tea is delicious, healthy and inexpensive. I generally use Tetley green tea bags for a hot cup of tea and for my DIY spa solutions. Green tea has antioxidants that benefit the body in many ways and can even be used to help your skin appear brighter and flawless. 

I start my beauty regime at home with my Tetley green tea followed by a hot oil body massage. I recommend that you use olive oil in the current season as it will help you moisturize your skin while keeping it smooth and toned. Candles are a welcome addition to the at-home-spa session but this season calls for warmer scents. I also love to add fresh flowers to create the perfect ambiance for myself. 

The next step to an oiling routine is exfoliation. My green tea bag body scrub works wonders for my skin and you must try it too! To make this scrub, you need to brew a cup of green tea, and then let it cool. Add several tablespoons of granulated sugar with the brewed tea and add some cinnamon for a beautiful aroma. You can oil if you want and finally squeeze in a few drops of lemon to the mixture. Rub this mixture all over your skin for an incredible glow. You can store the scrub in the fridge to keep it fresh for longer.I am sure that most of you will be well versed with the merits of a steaming hot tub post exfoliation! Don't forget to moisturize your skin post bath and sip a cup of hot Tetley green tea before you head out for any festive party. 

Your at home spa featuring green tea can make you look and feel fabulous all through this festive season. You can check out more benefits of the Tetley Green Tea here

 Skip the Salon and prep up at home this festive season!

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