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DIY : Nail Strengthener ! Strengthen Your Nails At Home !


Am sure you all lovely ladies hate brittle and weak nails and what's worse is when they just break outta nowhere. A lot of us have weak nails which can be very annoying.

Here is a very simple home remedy that can help you have strong and gorgeous looking healthy nails.

  • You will need only two ingredients for this easy DIY .
  • Take 15 grams gelatin and 1 cup of water .
  • Put the gelatin in a bowl and take the water in a beaker and boil it .
  • Now pour the water into the gelatin and mix the ingredients well .
  • Leave the mixture to cool down and come to a normal temperature .
  • Once the mixture is cooled down soak your nails in this for good 10 minutes . Once done wash your hands with some warm water and apply a good hand cream .
  • Try and do this at least twice a week for best results .

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