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Stained Nails? 3 Easy Home Remedies To Fix Stained Nails


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If you are a red nail polish lover then you will relate to stained nails. The darker shades nail paint often makes the nail beds, yellow and ugly. There are various reasons due to which your nails are turning yellow, the topmost reason can be your nail paint. Nail paints have high pigmentation that often turns your nail beds yellow, also if your nail paint has formaldehyde, then it can damage the keratins of your nails and stain them yellow. What you can do is give a gap between your stylish nail art or nail paints, this would prevent your nails from becoming discolored. Also, always buff your nails so that it stimulates blood supply to your nail beds. Apart from nail polish, fungi infection, smoking is equally responsible for stained nails. We bring you our tried and tested home remedies that can easily remove the ugly yellow stains and even strengthen your nails.

1. Baking soda and lemon:
Lemon is a natural bleacher that doesn't only lighten your skin, but even your nails and baking soda is an excellent cleanser that will promote nail whitening. You can mix both the ingredients and smear it on your nails, with a help of toothbrush you can scrub your nails for 1 minute and then wash with cool water. Let it stay for a few minutes and then wash it with water. Don't forget to moisturise your nails and hands.

2. Toothpaste:
Along with pearly white teeth, your toothpaste is effective to get rid of yellow nails. Take a pea sized toothpaste on a brush and gently rub it on your nails. This will slowly fade the yellow stains, make sure you apply cuticle oil after this.

3. Tea tree oil:
As we shared that one of the reasons for your yellow nails could be a fungal infection, so to clear your nails from such problems use tea tree oil. It has antifungal properties that will kill fungi, bacteria or any foreign particles that are damaging your nail beds. Apply drops of tea tree oil on your nails and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water and repeat this twice a day for effective results.

Weren't these super easy ways to whiten your nails? Also, make sure you give a week gap before the next lacquer, and make sure that you always apply a base coat that will protect your nail beds. You can even try these hacks for strengthening your nails.

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