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Shahid Kapoor Shares Beautiful Thing About Mira And How Marriage Changed Him For Good!


Shahid Kapoor gave an interview to Hindustan Times after celebrating his first marriage anniversary with wife Mira Rajput and how can you forget that romantic photo of the two! He said:

He Talks About Stability:
"There are times when you should be having fun. But there comes a time when you should have stability in your life. Stability is a long-term requirement. Short-term plans and a few days of flying around [for work] are fun, but eventually you need that [stability]. Also, I have been living alone since I was 22, so I always wanted that family atmosphere. I used to feel lonely."

Mira Brought Changes In His Life:
"There is another thing that I would always feel bad about. Whenever I used to land in any city, I’d never get a message asking me, “Have you reached?” Everybody around me used to get messages from someone or the other, asking, “Have you landed? What is happening there?” When you live with people in the same house, they keep track of your minute-to-minute movement. But that doesn’t happen when you live alone. I always used to think, “Yaar, kyun mere se koi yeh poochta nahi hai? (Why does nobody ask me how and where I am?). So, today, I feel happy to have that somebody around me (smiles)."

When Asked How Often He Received Those Messages:
"Every other second (laughs). But, on a serious note, it’s a good feeling."
On Someone To Share The Happiness With :
"When I used to win an award, of course, my mum (Neelima Azeem) and dad (Pankaj Kapur) were always around, but I didn’t have anybody with whom I could share my achievements immediately. Things are different with your parents. It’s not that same feeling [that one feels with a spouse]. I would always think, “Who do I share my happiness with?” 
Shahid always gives us major #Husbandgoals! 

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