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IN REVIEW : Faces Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation !


Faces had launched a new range of products under the name ULTIME PRO ! They had many different makeup products . The one I chose to try was the Ultime Pro Second Skin foundation . Its priced at INR1,274 !

# The product claims : Faces Ultime Pro Second Skin foundation with its new breakthrough color technology is a ultra light, liquid to powder formula that works like magic to your skin.
 # Its a serum based foundation that feels super luxurious on the skin.

#Packaging : The foundation comes in a luxurious frosted glass bottle with a dropper at the top. I really liked the packaging as it looked pretty classy .  The packaging however is not travel friendly , it might break .

#MY EXPERIENCE : I have the foundation in the shade Sand and it matches my skin tone really very well , so that made me super happy .  It comes in about 4 shades which isn't that great as we all Indians cannot fit into 4 shades . The texture of this foundation is towards medium consistency and it's slightly runny as well . The best part is that it's super velvet smooth and glides on like a dream . Extremely light weight as well .
Talking about the coverage , it's a medium to full coverage foundation , easily build able , It definitely conceals the flaws very well and just looks very skin like if you have the shade that matches your skin tone . I feel the finish of this foundation is neither too mate nor too dewy , it's somewhere in between which I feel is a great thing and cater for different skin types .
The staying power of this foundation is pretty good I must say . In this super hot humid weather nowadays , It stayed on my face for good 7 hours when i last wore it  . It did not even crease , But i did set it with some loose powder specially my TZONE as it gets oily .  Also this foundation comes with SPF 15 so it's good for day wear ,  It did not give me any flash backs even when i wore it in the night time .

  • All in All I have been really loving this foundation , I wouldn't say that it's the most affordable foundation , But definitely a worth it one as it's actually pretty good . Do try this one if you can fit into one of the shades . The coverage , texture , longevity is absolutely amazing , The only downside is the shade range .
  • I would like to rate this one as 4/5 , I would have given it a 5/5 if they had more shades to cater for more skin tones. 

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