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In Review : Juicy Chemistry Cell Reconstruction Serum !


I wasn't really a serum person until I found the Juicy Chemistry Cell Reconstruction Serum. This is the first face serum I ever used.  I got this one because am a huge fan of Juicy Chemistry products , they are very amazing and have effective results.
The serum retails for INR550 for 10ml of product , You can easily buy this one from , or the juicy chemistry site as well .

As I have acne marks and some other dark spots on my face , I decided to give this one a shot so hence I purchased because I loved the amazing ingredients it had .

  • Packaging: The serum comes in a tiny glass bottle with a dropper cap which makes the application very easy and you have control on how much product you actually have .  Love the packaging a lot , its not even like extremely tender or anything .
  • Ingredients : It contains Rosehip oil , jojoba oil ,almond oil , carrot seed essential oil, lavender essential oil , Frankinscense essential oil , Geranium essential oil , Neroli essential oil , Helichrysum essential oil.
  • The consistency of this oil is runny, as it is a serum, it's not at all thick, has a very thin consistency.

MY TAKE:  I have been using this serum for almost a month now and I'm absolutely loving the results . I use it every night after cleansing and toning my face .  The serum helps to repair dull and damaged skin . It gives a very nice elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and spots. I use about 4 drops every night and gently massage it all over my face until the serum is almost absorbed. What I have observed that since the time I have been using this my skin has become pretty smooth and supple . I wake up every morning with a healthy looking nourished skin .  It's helped me a lot when it comes to dealing with my acne marks as well .  It has definitely evened out my skin tone and I do not see any dark patches or anything as well.  It's worked like a magical serum for me because it makes the skin look very amazing, within one week it starts showing results.
All in All if you are someone whose dealing with dark spots, uneven skin tone, blemished skin etc then this serum will definitely help you out a lot!  

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