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Know How A Banana Peel Can Help You Make Your Skin Look Beautiful !


Bananas are loaded with an amazing amount of nutrients, natural sugars and lots of anti-oxidants. Hence banana should be a part of your daily fruit diet. Bananas work amazingly well for our skin and hair and solve a lot of hair and skincare issues we might face.
But the cool part is that even the banana peel is loaded with amazing ingredients that are super beneficial for our skin. 

Here are ways in which a banana peel can help you enhance your beauty !

  • If you are someone who has been suffering from Acne scars, then a banana peel can definitely help you lighten these scars to a great extent.  All you have to do is take a banana probably eat the part you are supposed but don't throw away the peel of it . Wash your face well and then gently massage the inner part of the banana peel onto the affected area. Keep it for about 10 minutes and then wash off. This little trick can be done twice a day easily and trust me you'll soon see a difference in your scars .
  • If you are someone like me and suffer from puffy eyes most of the days and also have dark circles then a banana peel will definitely make it better . What you can do is , collect the internal white fibers present in the inside of the banana by scrapping a spoon along the surface. Now mix these fibers with your favorite aloe vera gel to form a smooth paste. Now just apply this paste under your eyes and just relax for good 20 minutes. While aloe vera soothes and moisturizes, the potassium content of banana peel helps to do away with dark circles and under eye bags and obviously the puffiness.
  •  If being out in the sun has made your skin look dark and dull and lifeless then banana peel will work like magic for you .  A banana peel is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are super beneficial for the skin and our skin definitely requires them. Rubbing the entire face with a banana peel can help restore the glow on your face and also remove the tanning or darkness. You can use the banana peel for a month straight as well . It will keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

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