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Why Baking Your Makeup Is The Smartest Thing You Can Do !


"Baking" Is literally it the hottest makeup trend at the moment. All beauty influencers, makeup artists have been totally raving about it and absolutely love it.  They swear by it for making the makeup look flawless.

  • Basically, Baking is just letting a loose powder/compact powder sit on your face or certain areas for good 5 minutes at least, Which in turn allows the heat from your face to sit on your face to set the foundation and concealer underneath just perfectly. Once the baking is done, the excess is dusted off using a brush.
  • Baking gives you a creaseless and a flawless finish without your foundation or concealer looking patchy. It also helps the makeup last a really long time . 
  • Baking gives you a poreless and super matte and sexy look.
The best way you can brighten you're under eye area and make it look stunning is by baking, Here are a few steps that you can follow: 
  • Hydrate you're under eye area really well as it produces no natural oils like the rest of the face , using a good eye cream helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and creases.
  • Apply a good layer of a concealer under your eyes,  as concealer usually contains oils and has a tendency to crease, setting is right is the best way to make it look flawless. 
  • Now take a sponge or a beauty blender and apply it by patting the product under your eyes. Let it sit for good 5-10 minutes  , after that just dust it off.
  • You will be absolutely amazed how beautiful and flawless and bright your face will look after this . 

Definitely, try the baking method, and am sure you will love it like anything. It makes a huge difference to the overall makeup.  It will instantly give your face a lifted and much brighter look and well then the selfies will come out just perfect.

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