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Want Your Face Makeup To Look Just Perfect ? Follow This Order Of Application !


Using makeup in order especially for the face is a great thing to follow. Not like there's always a hard and fast rule but still following a correct pattern can make your makeup look even more blended and flawless as well.
A lot of you especially if you are new to makeup might just be confused as to what to use when and after what.
In this post, you can clear your doubts to know what should be the ideal correct way to apply different makeup products to your face

  • Before you apply any sort of makeup always prep your skin well, that is  cleanse, moisturize, and tone 
  • Primer is the first product that you need to use , A primer will make your face look more smooth, minimize your pores and lastly make your makeup stay on for a longer time.
  • Once the primer is done , You would want to use a corrector if you have dark circles, darkness or any active acne or red spots . If you want to correct the under eye darkness go in for a peach or orange corrector and if you have redness then  a green corrector is what you need to apply and blend it well into your skin.
  • The next step would be to apply a Foundation that matches your skin tone . Always start will a little bit and then you add more . Blend your foundation using a beauty sponge or a brush to get a flawless looking , non cakey foundation application
  • Now that the foundation part is done, Use a highlighting concealer to you're under eyes, nose , forehead , chin , and even cupid's bow so that your face can look bright and beautiful . 
  • Moving on , once all the cream products have been applied your now supposed to set it all with a powder or compact. Just take a little product and start dabbing it all over your face concentrating especially to the areas that you have concealed. This will ensure that you have no creases or extra oils , give you a matte look and also make your cream base last long .
  • Foundation and concealers can often make our face look flat suddenly so you would want to get back that depth and dimension to your face by applying the bronzer. A bronzer should she applied towards the outer part of your face and it will also give you a sun-kissed glow.
  • Moving on everyone loves a hint of pink or peach on their cheeks. A flush of blush can suddenly brighten up your face and make the makeup look even more pretty. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks .
  • The last thing you got to do to complete your face makeup is to apply a highlighter on the high points of your face , like your cheekbones, bit on the forehead, nose, chin, these are the areas where the light directly hits on the face. A highlighter will make you look all glowy and well who doesn't like that
  • Lastly to finish it off go in with a good lip color of your choice, to seal the deal! 
These are a few steps one must follow in this particular order so that your face makeup looks all in sync and makes your features look more enhanced.

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