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3 Easy Mindful Meditation Techniques You Need To Know Now !


An act of mindfulness is like maintaining a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surroundings. Consistently practicing mindfulness techniques can help us reduce stress, tensions, anxiety, improve concentration, make our sleep better and increase our overall well being.

Here are 3 very easy ways in which you can practice mindfulness techniques.

#1 Hold and Then Release Tension : Tightly squeeze your hands into a fist, count 20 and let go. Take all your awareness to the sensations occurring in your hands. Continue to bring your attention to these sensations for as long as you can. Repeat several times and notice how focused your mind becomes.

#2 Focus On A Single Object : Pick any object in your line of sight on which to focus your attention. Without Judgement, sit and watch the object with curiosity.  Observe the object with a heightened curiosity of what it might do next. If you are not in nature, then watching the flame of a candle is a quick way to get lost in the present moment.

#3 Focus On The Sound Of Your Breath : Place cotton balls or ear plugs in your ear to heighten the volume of the sound of your breath, As you shut off your connections to the outer world. you will notice that your mind starts to focus on the sound of your breath, When we set aside to focus on our breath, it relieves great amount of stress.

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