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LADIES! Know How To Choose The Right Saree According To Your Body Type!


The six yard piece of elegance with no stitch or zip, always radiates a women's style. And it looks amazing on all women with all body type and size, you just need to know few simple tricks, and style to rock it. So, to help you out #Weddingbytes has listed tips and tricks you need to know to choose the right saree according to your body type.

For the pear shaped body!
This body shape, has heavier body down as compared to their upper potion. So, you need to trust more of chiffon and georgette, as it balance out the upper and lower part. We advise you to never style your sarees in a mermaid style as it draws unnecessary attention. And to look more pretty, you can opt for seedha pallu drape. Also, don't go for big prints, rather opt for small prints and borders.

For the apple shaped body type!
If you are heavy from bust and stomach, then ladies you have apple shaped body type. You should always opt for sarees with stunning embroideries and designs that compliments your body type. Also, opt for a longer blouse that covers your problematic areas and makes you look one pretty lady in the six-yard-piece. Make sure to always avoid sarees in net, it will highlight your body more. 
For the curvy ladies!
Nets, chiffons and georgette works best on you. And it highlights your curves more beautifully. Opt for solid colours with delicate embroidery and borders. Also, play with your blouse and go for different styles to accentuate your look.
For the thin girls
If you are thin then opt for sarees in cotton, silk and organza silk. They will look amazing on your body type and will give the illusion of fuller figure. You can also opt for brocade and beadwork in your saree. 
For short ladies!
If you are short avoid big prints and too many colours, rather go for solid colous and drape your pallu completely up. However, if you like prints then we advise you to go for smaller prints.

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