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3 Foundation Tips , You Need To Know Now !


Here are 3 super awesome tips that you can totally follow and make your foundation look seamless !
  • Your main focus should be using foundation more so on spots where more coverage is needed, like around the nose and eyes. Then, blend by dabbing and not rubbing with a Beauty blender to make your foundation look flawless.By applying five dots of foundation—one each on your cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck—and distributing outward in circular motions using a foundation brush will give you a flawless result.

  • To achieve a glowy look, start with your skin-care routine.  You could use a face oil before you prime the skin, and then  follow with foundation.After applying foundation, spray a skin-soothing mist onto the large, flat side of a damp Beauty blender and press it into your skin all over to diffuse the look of 'makeup' and give you a very natural, hydrated complexion.

  • Instead of using setting powder for shine control touch-ups throughout the day, use blotting papers to avoid looking like you have too much makeup on.Rather than reapplying in the afternoon, try freshening up makeup throughout the day with a spritz of tone

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