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3 Life Changing Hacks To Do Your Nails Perfectly !


We all struggle to apply our nail paints in just the perfect and clean manner. A lot of times it ends up looking shabby and weird. Here are 3 hacks that you all ladies must definitely incorporate in your nail care routine. 

  •  Line your nails with petroleum jelly before painting them for an easy cleanup.If you're working on a nail look that's messy, use a cotton swab to rub petroleum jelly like Vaseline on the skin around your nails first. This creates a barrier between the polish and your skin so that after you've painted your nails, you can wipe off the Vaseline and any polish mistakes along with it.

  • To prevent the tips of your painted nails from chipping, paint two base coat layers: one on the top half of your nail and the second coat over the entire nail.Paint the first layer of your base coat polish on the top half portion of your nails only. After your nails have dried, paint a second coat of polish, but this time cover the entire nail as you normally would. This technique will help the polish on the tips of your nails which are more prone to chipping last longer.

  • Use a white nail polish as your base coat to make your nail color pop.Unless your polish is super opaque, the natural tint of your fingers will change the color of your polish. To get the paint's true color, add a layer of white nail polish first, and then go over it with your colored polish.

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