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5 Things Every Bride Needs For Emergencies !


A bridal emergency can happen anytime, no matter how well prepared you are. It could be anything small or big, an emergency is an emergency!

Here are 5 things that are super important and every bride must have it ready!

  1. A makeup Eraser: You're gonna have to touch up your makeup quite a few times on your wedding, and with all the emotions running high, you might have to erase more than just smudged lipstick. A good makeup eraser rather than makeup remover can really come handy. 
  2. Eyelash Glue : Most brides don't think much about this, but an eye lash glue is super important if you are wearing falsies. Eyelashes can come off due to heat from the fire during the pheras, so you might have to touch it up. 
  3. Blotting Sheets : This one is a must-have, especially if you have oily or combination skin. You cannot keep layering powder after powder to touch up on your skin on top of all that makeup, so that's where oil blotting sheets come in handy! 
  4. Eye drops  : Lack of sleep, irritation thanks to falsies, tearing up or just looking tired in general- there are a lot of reasons for your eyes to look red or start watering on your wedding, which might end up looking bad and ruining your makeup! So keep some refreshing eye drops handy to refresh those tired eyes!
  5. Face Mist : This is great to just get refreshed in a matter of second without disturbing your makeup! Just spritz it to cool down and calm down your skin which might not be too happy to stay in that makeup for such a long time!

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