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6 Things To #LEARN In The 6 Months Of Your Marriage!


Wedding is not just about wearing a pretty lehenga and getting yourself clicked while the rituals are being done. It is much more to it, which you realize slowly and gradually. Everything changes in one night, from your room to your parents to your clothes, EVERYTHING! And you get to learn a lot of things that you never thought you will be able to know. So, we thought to help you keep calm, before the wedding reality strikes you. Here are 6 things you will learn in the 6 months of your marriage.

#1 Discuss your expectations & thoughts!
Remember, no matter how long you know your man-to-be, you should definitely discuss your expectation and what the other person feels about you or how you want to take your marriage forwards. It helps in establishing a strong union that you will cherish for your life. 
#2 Be each other's biggest fans in love!
Yes, this is important. No matter what, how difficult the situation is, you need to understand that everyone does a mistake and we all have our own share of failures. We need to stick to each other in every kind of days. And should always believe in each other. 
#3 It's all about the little things!
Maybe at some point you might have believed that little things doesn't hold important, but ladies the truth is, they are the most important things. Marriage is all about those thousands of small gesture that shows you CARE. That's it!
#4 Your relationship with your closed ones will CHANGE!
Once you tie the knot, and create your own family of two, your relationship with your closed friends and family gets changed. But you need to make sure and get out your time to meet everyone from your family to your friends.
#5 If you are fighting, fight it fairly!
Believe us, fight doesn't matter, your relationship does. So, if  things are getting heated and you know it, better to walk away and then talk it out when you are calm. Then to go on and on with the thought of having the last word in the fight. It will make your relationship difficult. 
#6 Your wedding is the first of the many dreams and not just the only one!
While most of us believe before tying the knot that our wedding is the only dream we have. But it is not true, it's one of the many. So, save and get ready to cherish all the big and small dreams that you are both are going to live together.

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