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BRIDES! Follow These Tips On How To Take The Perfect Engagement Selfie


Recently got engaged? Well, super duper congratulations! While this feeling must be fairly new to you (been there, felt that) I suggest that you go all out and show off your share of bling with the most perfect selfie ever! Engagement ring selfie may sound like a new fad but it really is a smarter way of letting the world know that he put a ring on it and how. I personally loved doing it for my own set of albums and I think you should do it too (no matter what the size, cut, clarity of the stone really is).

#1 Don’t forget to get a manicure
Chipped nails, dry skin or unwaxed wrists are not a pleasant sight for anyone to see! Make sure that the hands are well maintained and manicured right before you take a photo and post it online.

#2 Lighting
To take a photo of your ring in all its glory, shoot right in the morning using the natural lighting. Don’t take a photo outdoors post noon, as you will get shadows. Incase of little shadows around the fingers, counter it by increasing the highlight in the Instagram filter settings.

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#3 White Background
Clean white background makes for a great flat lay any way, so opt for a pastel coloured backdrop or a white pillow cover or a rug for a nice photo shot of the ring.

#4 Play with romantic props
Use a photo frame with the couple photo or a coffee mug with the couple initials announcing the engagement and showing off your ring at the same time. Or just place the ring on a bouquet of flowers for a great backdrop. This makes for an ‘awww’ worthy photo.

#5 Safest, opt for a couple hand shot
No brainer and it works just as perfectly!

p.s. Guys before you post an official ring selfie, make sure to inform your close family and friends well in time to avoid any kind of desi drama later

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