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Brides! Save These 7 Tips To Make Your FIRST DANCE Memorable With Your Man


Dear brides-to-be,
First dance with your Soon-To-Be-Mr. is always special. That first touch, hand holding and the song, it always stays in your mind for forever. And while we pay more attention on selecting the song and getting the steps right, we forget setting up the right mood. This is equally important in your first dance. So, Team Weddingbytes bring you 7 tips you can actually steal for your first dance and make it memorable for years to come. 

#1 Fairy lights!
Create a romantic atmosphere with the fairylights hanging just above the dance floor.
#2 Marquee signs
A big bold marquee signs on the dance floor will serve as the best back drop, also it will look amazing in pictures too.
#3 Dance with the sparklers!
Add more touch of elegance with sparklers on the dance floor and a great way to add all the drama to your dance.
#4 Dance with the fog machine!
Surprise your partner with a cloud 9 dance with fog machine. With the right lighting and timing it will make your dance an instant hit.
#5 Candle lights on the dance floor!
Create a special setting with candle lights on the dance floor, and it will definitely woo your partner.
If you have anymore idea, share it with our brides-to-be!

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