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Brides , You All Need To Stop Doing These 5 Terrible Skin Habits If You Want A Beautiful Skin !


You always have the best of intentions with your skin care routine. Each day, you drink water, you cleanse, and you prime. You are doing a lot of things very, very right. Unfortunately, even with a dozen great habits – chances are there are some really terrible ones sticking around for the ride.

  • Working out with makeup on can cause a buildup of excess oil and a higher risk of clogged pores. Certain kinds of makeup contain oils that are more likely to clog pores along the forehead, nose and chin area. Sweating opens up pores and when there’s a layer of makeup on top of it, combined with dirt and bacteria, it can lead to breakouts categorized as acne cosmetica.This is possibly the worst thing you could do to your skin.
  • You are what you eat! You’d be surprised how much impact dairy has on the skin. Inflammation-causing dairy can wreak havoc on cystic acne sufferers.

  • There are many reasons for not picking pimples. It can lead to scarring of the face and if aggressive enough, you will end up with marks or hyperpigmentation (dark spots) on your face. At the very least you will scab your face which is more difficult to hide with makeup than the original blemish, .All that pressure on a pimple that is not ready to be extracted can lead to a rupture below the skin surface, which in turn will lead to more breakouts. This can turn into a vicious circle that will lead to your skin never being clear of the problem. 
  • Exfoliation is a wonderful thing for your skin but too much of a good thing is definitely bad. Over-exfoliating can lead to an irritated and flaking skin. This makes putting on makeup a nightmare and can also lead to the sensitivity issue. 
  • No matter how tired we are after a long day at work or going out with friends, it is really important to take the time to care for your skin at night. If you have an acne/ oily skin, it is imperative to wash away all that excess oil that your skin produced during the day not to mention all the makeup that was applied and worn during the day which can lead to clogged pores. You also want to wash away all of the pollutants that skin is exposed to during the day this is especially important to maintaining youthful skin.

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