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3 Amazing Oils To Tighten Skin Naturally !


Our skin is constantly undergoing a lot of changes.  These skin changes are generally irreversible. Natural Oils help super amazingly in keeping our skin healthy and youthful looking.  These Oils have a soothing effect on our skin and help in repairing damages.

With age, a lot of people experience that skin looks loose and dull.  A few changes in the habits and with regular attention to our skin can actually tighten the skin. These 3 amazing oils can do wonders to the skin!

#1: VITAMIN E OIL :  Vitmain E oil , is like an essence of good skin. The oil helps in overall improvement of skin , its texture , health and quality.
Take about 3 capsules of Vitamin E tablet , cut it and pour the oil in your plams . Masaage gently for good 3-4 minutes and let it completely absorb it into the skin .  Leave this overnight , or if I may say make this your everyday routine and add this to your night skin care regime .

2 : Castor Oil : Now this one does not always suit every time , castor can cause breakouts if it doesn't suit your skin. Definitely, do a patch test before you try this remedy.
Castor Oil is has lots of vitmain e and omega 3 fatty acids present in it .  It deeply nourishes the skin and also keeps the fungal infections away from our skin.
Take about 3 spoons of castor oil and warm it up a little bit .  Gently massage the skin for good 2-3 minutes  and leave it on for about an hour , after this wash your face with a mild face wash . Do this thrice a week .

#3 : AlMOND OIL : Almond oil has great benefits , it fight acne scars , pigmentation , dark circle issues . It has a lot of amazing nourishing ingredients as well . Almond Oil penetrates deep within the skin and tightens it naturally with regular use .
Take some almond oil on your palms and massage your face with it gently using upward motions till it gets completed soaked. Leave it on for at least half an hour and then wash it off with cold water. Do this every day and you'll see a huge difference in the way your skin looks. 

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