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5 Tips To Swear By During Your Wedding Lehenga Trials


Last week, there was this Delhi Bride's story was doing the rounds on social media, how she wins a case for her bridal lehenga being 2 inches short. We were scared as hell, the moment we read how much humiliation she must be feeling on the most important day of her life. And so we thought to do a story specifically on it, to ensure that this doesn't happens to anyone of us. Read about the case Here!

How to make sure this doesn't happen to you?
Your wedding is special and there is no scope of tiniest mistake on that day, and specially your wedding lehenga needs to be perfect like a dream. So, here are 5 tips which you have to keep in mind at your lehenga trials. Don't overlook the tiniest mistake, as it can result in a big blunder for your big day.

- Don't opt for home delieveries!
No matter how busy you are, go to the studio, try out the lehenga finally, and pin point the tiniest mistake you feel. It's your big day ensemble and you cannot let it be ruined because of a little mistake. Once you are satisfied then only make the full payments.

- Check & re-check!
On the day of the final trial, check all the details again and again. Check the zipper of the blouse, make sure no lining is out, no piping out cancans. Also, make sure to check the length of the lehenga. 

- Carry the heels!
Also, don't forget to carry the heels at the trial to ensure that your lehenga is not short neither too long. 

- Write down all the changes!
Another important tip, make sure you write down all the changes to be made in your lehenga, and also, the designer who is helping you with the trials writes all down and don't just say I remember it.

- Ask them how to keep the lehenga!
Also, ask them how to keep the lehenga till your big day, so, that no mishap happens to your dream outfit of the day.

These tips will help you get the best of your lehenga!

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