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7 Tips To Remember When You Go Out For Your Wedding Lehenga Trials!


Dear brides-to-be,
When you go out and explore the market to pick up that one gorgeous dress, you would look out for many things before you say a 'Yes'. From cuts to silhouette to the colour, there is lot of things to keep in mind. And often while looking out for such things, you forget the comfort level of your dress. It should never be compromised as who wants to spend the happiest day in an uncomfortable lehenga. So, to help you Team #Weddingbytes has compiled a list of tips and tricks to get the prettiest and most comfortable lehenga to make you a Happy Bride!

#1 Wear the bra you are going to wear on your big day!
When you go out for shopping, remember to wear the same bra you are thinking of wearing on your D-day, as it will give you the right shape and you can give the right measurement too, once you say 'Yes' to the dress.

#2 Wear either white or black colour blouse!
First thing don't wear a dress to your wedding lehenga trials, wear a nude colour jeans or simple black one. And make sure to wear black or white colour solid top over it. So, that whatever colour you try out, makes your face glow.
#3 Check the Zips & Buttons!
One of the most important thing brides often forget is to check the zips and buttons whether they are working properly or not. And they get in an awkward situation while sitting for their makeup.
#4 Try every Position you are going to sit on your wedding day!
Remember to try sitting in your lehenga from chair to floor as for the pheras you have to sit down. And if you find the lehenga skirt uncomfortable in anyway, just say 'No' to it.
#5 Jewellery!
Carry your wedding day jewellery too, so that you can check whether it's going with the lehenga or not. 
#6 Heels!
Also, don't forget the heels, you need to check  the length of the lehenga and get it altered right.
#7 Try on the dupatta too!
Often we choose a lehenga that has stunning design on it but forget trying on the dupatta and then we crib that dupatta isn't as gorgeous as the dress. You should give your dupatta the attention it requires.

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