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Girls, Here's Why You Need To Take Cold Showers ! Know All Benefits !


A lot of us don't know but cold water is amazing for our skin and hair and in general for our health. So here I am listing 3 ways in which cold showers benefit us.

1. Cold showers are super Great For The Hair: Cold water will never dry out your hair and it even helps to close the hair cuticles that are like pores.Using a cold shower will help your hair stay smooth and shiny and healthy.

2. Get The Youthful on Your Skin: Washing face with cold water will always keep your face looking fresh and healthy.It closes any open pores and also unclogs them with any dirt , oil . Which in turn will help you prevent breakouts and acne issues.

3. It gives you Just The Right Amount of Lift:  When cold water hits your skin, everything constricts.Like the pores tighten and blood flows in a new direction.Your skin will feel toned and tight and firm, but not dry.

The best time to have a good nice cold shower would be mornings or afternoons and evenings!

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