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Girls, Know How To Use Rice Water For Beauty Treatments !


Rice water is one of those all natural treatments that has been used for thousands of years to cure a multitude of things. Among those things are hair and skin treatments. Rice water contains tons of vitamins and minerals which penetrate the skin and nails to cure things such as irritated and dry skin, and damaged hair. If you’ve never used rice water before, you should definitely start! Here’s how to use rice water for beauty treatments!

1. Dry & Itchy Skin

Rice water is extremely soothing and therefore the perfect remedy for dry and itchy skin. Using a cotton ball, apply rice water directly to dry, irritated skin and leave on overnight.

#2. Acne & Blackheads

Rice water acts as an astringent to the skin, and so applying it to acne & blackheads is a quick way to reduce redness and size. Apply rice water to acne and blackhead areas and leave on overnight.

#3. Shiny Hair

Looking for the shiniest hair ever? Rice water is packed full of vitamins and proteins! Use rice water as a hair rinse 2-3 times a week to reduce split ends, and overall healthier hair.

#4. Glowing Skin

Rice water isn’t just for acne and blackheads, it’s also a great way to get beautiful, glowing skin! Wash your face with rice water or simply use a cotton pad to apply rice water all over your face. Leave on for a while or rinse off immediately.

#5. Sunburn Remedy

Got a bad sunburn? Rice water is a quick and effective method to soothe burnt skin. Apply rice water wherever needed and leave on. The properties in rice water will cool the skin and prevent any peeling or boils.

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