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Top 5 Eyebrow Products Available In India !


A lot of us tend to ignore the importance of well defined and well-made brows, Brows can really change the way you face and makeup looks.

Here are 5 eyebrow products that work amazingly well and are available in India.

  1. Benefit Brow Zings : This eyebrow duo contains a wax shade and a powder to do your eye brows just perfectly well . It's easily available at Sephora and work amazingly well. The texture and color range is very amazing as well. This one retails for INR2250.
  2. Sugar Arch Arrival Eye Brow Definer: This eye brow stick , comes with a spooly along with one side to fill in and shape your eyebrows, This is personally my goto product and I love it to bits. It works amazingly well . The retail price of this one is INR490. 
  3. Maybelline Duo Brow Define : This is a perfect product for beginner's, it has one waxy side and one powder side , so you can easily use the waxy side to shape your brows and the powder side to fill in any gaps . It's extremely affordable as well , retails for INR240.
  4. Nyx Makeup Brow Pencil : This one retails for INR875 and can be easily picked up from a Nyx counter or online from . It's a beautiful pencil and very easy to work with, it fills in the brows very well which gives a much neater and tamed look.
  5. Faces Ultime Pro Brow Pencil : This again is a really good eye pencil , which comes with its own spooly on one side so that you can brush your brows well . Create beautiful stunning eye brow shapes with this one , it retails for INR399

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