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10 Karwa Chauth Appropriate Mehendi Designs For Every New Bride + Tips To Get The Darkest Mehendi!


Mehendi is a synonym to a married women, and on Karwa Chauth everyone gets crazy to adorn one of the prettiest designs that no one has ever got their hands on. So, Team Weddingbytes bring you some prettiest Karwa Chauth design you can choose from this Karwa Chauth. And these designs are appropriate for every married women. But before that here are some tips to make your mehendi dark this Karwa Chauth.

5 Tried & Tested Tips To Make Your Mehendi Dark!

- Leave it for atleast 6-7 hours!
Make sure you don't wash your mehendi right away, keep it atleast good 6-7 hours or even more to get your mehendi dark and prettiest. Also, don't wash it with water, scrape it off with your hands. Using water when your mehendi gets dry will make it loose the colour. 

- Use Vicks or Moov spray on it!
Ladies! This trick really-really works on it. All you need to do is put some vicks once your mehendi gets little dry, and leave it for all night. This will make your mehendi more dark and beautiful.

- Sugar and lemon mixture!
Some even suggest using sugar and lemon mixture on the mehendi once it gets dry. But remember don't over use it as it will turn your mehendi brown and not black. 

- Use Oil from the pickle!
This is another tried and tested method that actually works, use the oil from the aam-ka-achaar on your mehendi once you scrape it off. Although the oil smell stays, but it will make your mehendi dark.

-Stay away from water
We had already told you not to wash your mehendi with water. Keep your hands away from water once you scrape the dried mehendi. And don't wash your hand with shampoo. 

10 Designs that are Karwa Chauth Appropriate!

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