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New Brides! Know The Importance Of 'SARGI' In Karwa Chauth Fast


We are all familiar with the concept and tradition of Karwa Chauth, and frankly we all get excited at the thought of keeping fast for the entire day. The whole process of waking up early, getting ready and eating the sargi given by Mother-in-law is just beautiful. But, while we all know the story behind the Karwa Chauth, we have no idea about the sargi and the importance of it. So, Team Weddingbytes thought of giving you some Karwa Chauth Gyaan all week round. Today, we cover the importance of Sargi and why is it given by the Mother-in-law.
The story behind the 'Sargi'!
Karwa Chauth never starts without Sargi. It's all about love and respect that's show in the Indian Families. Sargi is pre-dawn meal given by the Mother-in-law before Karwa Chauth.  The mother-in-law provides a thali full of sweets and gifts and all.

What it consists off?
Sargi comprises of meal that is given by the mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law which she eats before the sun rises. It includes mithai, mathri, dry fruits, coconut and some gifts like kaanch-ki-chudi and suit or saree. Then the married women wakes up before the sun rises around 4-5 a.m. and eat a plateful of savouries and sweets to begin the fast and keep going for all day long without water and food. 

Tips To remember while preparing Sargi!
- Remember to eat as much as you can, to keep yourself hydrated all day long.
- Refrain yourself from eating fried food and oily food as it will make you dizzy and lethargic for entire day.
- Drink as much as you can during sargi, add buttermilk, fresh fruit juices. Avoid having coffee or tea as they easily de-hydrate your body.

These tips will help you get through the fast easily! 

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