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5 Pre Bridal Treatments that Every Bride Should Get !


Pre bridal, is a super important aspect of a wedding, its actually like you need to plan your pre bridal , so that on the day of your wedding you look nothing less than what you have always imagined to be.
With all the pollution and sun out side , the skin starts becoming dull, there is so much running around and stress as well , that often effect our skin and hair.

Here are 5 Pre Bridal Treatments that You must Totally Go In For !

  1. Microdermabrasion Treatments : This is one of the highly done treatments specially before the wedding, You should start at least 6 months before your wedding. This is the treatment you need that will get a beautiful radiant glow on your face.It removes the top layer of your skin and gives you a fresh and youthful looking skin.
  2. Body Polishing Treatments : Well if you are working so hard on your face , why leave the body behind ? It's an amazing treatment that hydrates and exfoliates your body skin , leaving it soft and smooth. Body polishing also helps in relaxing the mind and body as a good amount of massage is done. 
  3. Bikini Wax : This is a very hygienic way to keep the hair at bay. Unwanted hair is good to be removed.You can start doing this 3 months before the wedding time, this also decreases the hair growth in that area. It's still a personal choice, if you are okay with it then definitely go ahead .
  4. Nail Art and Spa : A lot of us often neglect our nails and don't pay much attention to them. Its very important to keep the nails healthy .The nails look beautiful and clean if you get some good nail spa and nail art done, also its so totally In as well ! 
  5. Laser Hair Reduction : You can totally go in for this , and be sorted for the rest of your life. The laser hair reduction is something every girl is getting done nowadays.You can get it for your full body or certain areas as well, like underarms or upper lips, even this treatment should start at least 6 -7 months before the wedding day ! 

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