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Ladies, Want A Gorgeous Looking Skin ? These 5 Practices Are A Must !


We all crave for a beautiful, healthy skin at all times in our life, We do a number things to make it look flawless, even go for "not so pocket friendly" products and treatments, But here are some ways that can definitely help you achieve the same and are totally cost friendly as well ! 

  • The sun causes a slew of issues from broken blood vessels to brown spots, so to keep your complexion looking its best, you need sunscreen even if you're not going to the beach. In fact, it's just as important to wear at least an SPF 30 formula.
  • Working out helps you stay calm and balances cortisol's aging effects,  It also fights the onset of age-related disease, increases your lung capacity, boosts circulation to deliver nutrients to skin, and lowers inflammation, thanks to the beta-endorphins your body creates as you work out.
  • This isn't easy to give up your favorite junk food, but a well-balanced diet filled with lean protein (e.g. low-fat dairy products, eggs, ) will fight hunger pangs, keep your mood stable, and blunt your stress levels, leading to your best skin ever. Protein is the building block for certain enzymes and hormones, including those that help skin glow.
  •  Deep breathing (inhaling through your nose, allowing your belly to completely fill, and exhaling through your mouth slowly) for even just a few minutes can lower stress levels and combat aging. If deep breathing isn't your thing, seeing your BFF in person rather than texting her or even petting your favorite four-legged friend can have the same calming effect.
  • Even something as simple as smelling a lavender sachet, lighting a candle with a relaxing fragrance like vanilla or lavender, or taking a bubble bath can improve the look of your skin by calming your body and mind.

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