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Check Out These 5 Expert Tips To Get Your Dream Wedding Lehenga For Much Lesser!


Once the dates are fixed, we all wait impatiently to start our search for perfect bridal lehenga (after all, we want to make the sexy cousin jealous). We want best and the latest, and sometimes we get so overboard in our search that we select something that’s just out of our budget and forget that we are going to wear it just once or twice.
Also, while you are taking rounds of designer stores and Chandni Chowks shop, you realize, you are way too low on your budget. But baby, don’t lose your hope so soon. Weddingbytes team had listed out 5 expert tips to get your dream lehenga under your budget. Yes, in your Budget without burning a hole in the pocket!

#1 Play Smart! Ask for a Sangeet Lehenga
Yes, this might sound weird to you. But, once you enter the store, don’t straight away go and ask to show a bridal lehenga. Instead, tell them that you are looking for a sangeet or sagan lehenga. The logic is simple, everyone knows that for bridal lehenga the budget is always high, but if you say you are looking for a sangeet or sagan lehenga then the budget is low. And shopkeeper will show you lower rates for the same lehenga, in a hope that you will buy the bridal lehenga too from there.

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#2 Make your own look – keep the skirt simple!
You might agree on this, when we select a lehenga, we look at the skirt first and then the dupatta and blouse. The skirt is one of the most expensive in your whole lehenga. The best way you can cut the cost is to select a light skirt with a heavy blouse and a heavily embellished dupatta, it can be a stunner that too in a very less amount. Also, at your wedding, the photographer will mostly click pictures of you from your waist above. So, the skirt won’t show up that much.

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#3 Tassel it up
You can add more drama to your whole attire is by adding beautiful tassels, latkans and hanging pom-pom in your lehenga making it look an amazing piece. Go and search yourself for the most beautiful latkans with big embroideries. These small details can end up making you look really amazing.
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#4 Customize it yourself
We all are designers when it comes to selecting our wedding lehenga. So, trust yourself and customize your lehenga on your own, like reducing 1-inch border will help you reduce the lehenga cost as well. Smaller motifs on lehenga will cost you way less than bigger ones. You can also reduce work from the top half of your lehenga skirt, this will also cost you less.

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#5 Go for the light lehenga
If you find a lehenga that’s under your budget but it’s too light, don’t worry buy it. Believe us, a bride will always look like a bride, and the lehenga won’t matter. There are a lot of other aspects of your jewellery, the blouse cut, the drapes of your dupatta and many more. So, spend on other parts, because no matter what you say you are going to wear your wedding lehenga only once.

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If you have any suggestions or questions, ask in the comments below. Happy lehenga journey

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