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Boyfriend's Jacket for a date with 'the' boyfriend..!


Whether you’re planning to go casual or dressy, “office chic” has suddenly become “always chic” with the boyfriend jacket. Its a must have for all the girls who do not like to bling on all the time but still make a sassy statement whenever possible! Shopping for this trendiest piece can cause strain a student's pocket but it will prove to be every single penny when worn with different styles.

For those who confuse the Bf's jacket with a cardigan, (yes they look the same most of the times), let me make things easy for you. To go in for an all Bf'f jacket, choose the longer jackets, the ones that stretch below the waist line and the ones extending more are even better.

How to wear A Bf's Jacket-

1. Don’t forget to roll up those sleeves! You can find some sleek-looking blazers that have to-die-for linings. Show them off with one or two rolls of the sleeves.
2. When wearing it with the Skirt ensure the length of skirt is longer than the jacket so that it looks aptly fashionable. Also with skirt try and go for strappy heels with nude shades (they look the best)
3. Pair it with Soft Pants- Make sure you keep the top untucked for this one!
4. Minimal Accessory usage- Go in for a heavy neck-piece or chunky earrings but anything else a big NO!
5. Go for bright colors, if you can experiment and you like vivid colors, pick some neon shades or the hot pinks, they always look stunning!

Oh and yes, for that perfect date make sure u put a perfect gloss with that BF's jacket, afterall you do want him to keep on thinking about you post date!

You can some of these enviable pieces from,,,

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