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An EXCLUSIVE Jam- Launch of Coke Studio @ MTV Season-2


Lights Dim...Once the crowd settles down the Coke Studio @ MTV AV plays . As the AV gets over each producer gets invited on stage one by one...

Once all of them are on stage Ehsaan, one of the artists, asks for the mike and says ”Mr. Kent I did like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If not for the platoform of Coke Studio, we would have not been here altogether celebrating pure Music.”

Picking up the level from a very successful season 1, which saw a record 13 million downloads, season 2 of Coke Studio is going to be everything and more with 12 mind- blowing music producers, 200+ fabulously talented artists and 2 youth icons – Coke and MTV all coming together with just one agenda – Celebrate Diversity. The platform - Coke Studio@MTV which is back, in a bigger and better format!

The stage looked perfect with 7 music wizards; Amit Trivedi, Ehsaan-Loy, Karsh Kale, Hitesh Sonik, Clinton Cerejo, Shantanu Moitra and Nitin Sawhney who come together to discuss one of the Nation’s biggest passion……Music.

According to Aditya Swamy, EVP & Business Head, MTV India, “What better way to express our diversity than through the language of music...264 musicians, 40 songs on one single stage. Bringing together genres as varied as classical, rock, folk and EDM, Coke Studio@MTV is an expression of the music of India."

A much elated Anusha was also the emcee for the evening. Looking drop dead gorgeous she introduced all the artists and highlighted that this year, there will be a different producer leading each episode of Coke Studio, with his entourage of artists and songs...!

Hitesh Sonik gushed, "Through Coke Studio@MTV, I have tried to bring out all the elements of our culture and heritage."

Ehsaan, the music meastro said,"Coke Studio@MTV is not only about our music, but it’s about every musician that will be seen in this season. Everyone had something different to offer and that’s the way we wanted it." While Loy added, "India’s diversity in terms of music is phenomenal! There’s much more beyond Bollywood and I think all this needs to come on to one platform such as Coke Studio@MTV."

Karsh Kale, was heard saying, "wanted the audience to see the diversity in the music and that was really my goal in this season’s Coke Studio@MTV."

All time favorite, Shantanu Moitra shared, "The first thought I had while composing music on Coke Studio@MTV was that India is a country which has a great music lineage. Secondly, India’s diversity in instruments, vocals, languages etc makes our music that much more varied and diverse."

Music composer, who clicked to fame with DEV D a.k.a Amit Trivedi was a favorite among the crowd. After giving hit music in films like Iahqzaade, Aisha, No one Killed Jessica, Wake up Sid and more, the young record producer said, "For Coke Studio@MTV I had one thing intentionally in mind, that each song should have its distinct identity. I just wanted my audience to feel great after the episode is over; that sigh saying ‘awesome’ has to come out naturally."

And now at Guiltybytes, I bring to you some behind-the-scene action-

Lets Say Cheese...! :D

Hope her lipstick's all-rite!

Karsh is talking, and ummm...what is it down there my dear boys? SERIOUSLY

And Of course this one is special...after all I get a picture with THE Amit Trivedi!

For anyone who likes to discover new sounds and experience unexpected combinations, this season will be a special treat...So gear up to venture into the brand new season of Coke Studio@MTV starting from 7th July, 7pm onwards..!

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