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Gone too Soon: Michael Jackson, the King of pop


Before MJ came Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and the Beatles; after him has come absolutely no one..! The producer of all time hit 'All I wana say is that they don't really care about us' happens to be the same man who united the world by bidding adieu to all on 25th June 2009.

He was, quintessentially, one of those "pure products of America," even thou he failed to make news or give hits before his death, his not being anymore will make the fans yearn for those singles or that perfectly perfect moon-walk that perhaps no one can pioneer till date.

As a tribute to 'the' man, Various Cafe's in and around the city are dedicating June 25th as an MJ music day.


If you miss MJ and his music then you must head here to celebrate the day of music with a tribute to the king of pop. Known for his smashing hits- Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, the musician will be given a tribute by the band Neverick and Friends.
Timings: 10 pm on-wards
Entry: Rs. 500 (post 9 pm)

MANJASA, Hauz khas

The launchpad of music will host Delhi based artists who will play U2, MJ, Bob Marley, paul McCartney and more. The ensemble will be performed by Low Majaw, Jordan Johnson and Shantanu pandit.
Timings: 9 pm pn-wards
Entry: Rs. 200 (post 9 pm)


Blues cafe is going to pay a live tribute to the pop master. With special screenings of MJ's performance the cafe plans to take the crowd on a musical high. The in-house band will also perform some of the greatest hits while the in-house DJ spins music all night long.
Timings: 9 pm onwards
Entry: Free


The place plans to celebrate the world music day and pay tribute to MJ by celebrating timeless music of MJ. To witness a mix of new and timeless compositions, check in here!


Remembering Michael Jackson on his third death anniversary, this event is must for all his ardent fans. You ought to be here if you’ve ever loved the King of Pop! Get it rocking, the MJ way on 25th June.
timings: 1 pm -10 pm
Entry: Free

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Michael Jackson-- a superhero, legendary singer, dancer, supremely troubled dude-- made all a kind of music, that indeed is amazing.

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