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A Grill Thrill at BBQ Nation


Imagine preparing your own food at a restaurant...More than sounding strange, the do-it-yourself concept at Babeque Nation is a lot, way a lot more than one can ever imagine! Bringing live grill to the city, the restaurant offers a refreshing interactive dining experience to all the food connoisseurs!

I had been longing to go to BBQ Nation since long, and even though my review is coming really late, I just couldn't shy away from writing about the entertaning food experience I had last night! The menu is simple but exotic with a prefixed menu everday with unlimited grilled starters for both Veg and Non-veg followed by a buffet spread and the desserts.

As soon as we settled in there, (read we as my family), the service guy handed us over a beverage menu. My pick remains the 'Masala Coke', and trust me it was really good. The other members ordered a drink called- chocolate monk and the cool blue, that too was equally good. However the cool blue was a bit too sweet.
And then started the savory delight as the server lifted the grill lid, right from the center of the table. However,one of the most notable part of the experience was the way the we were being educated about grill, various marination and the process by the staff. It's like you really don't have to worry about what and how your food is going to be.

Top picks remain Coastal barbequed prawns, Murg kesari Tikka,Lamb teriyaki and tangri chicken. And yes for the green lovers- the Lebanese mushroom, spiced Potato and all time favorite Paneer Tikka. Don't forget to try the crispy fried lotus stem, it truly was a mouth watering vegan delight!

If you like to play a chef, then pick up the brush and marinate the starters using the 3 given sauces- lemon butter, oriental sauce or Italian pepper sauce. After the starters it's was time for the main course. Super full with the starters, not by default though, I still managed to try everything from the scrumptious menu. Okay let em make it easy- try the mutton dum biryani, fish in mustard sauce, Panner Kohlapuri and yes you can try as much as you want, there are certainly no conditions applicable.

Adding to the great menu is the sizzling ambiance and live band performing every evening. My dessert platter included choco brownies and firni. Oh yes we requested the server to keep our firnis in the fridge and then what followed was sheer BLISS.

Cost For 2 costs- Rs 1400 approx without alcohol.

A great place for large get together and for those with insatiable appetite. A thumbs up from Guiltybytes, do try whenever you can, till then bon appetit!

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