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Can't get enough of the 'well groomed' John Abraham


Philips, India’s leading lifestyle brand, recently added a completely new dimension to the concept of male grooming, by launching the Philips Bodygroom. Unveiled by Bollywood hottie John Abraham, also Philips Male Grooming brand ambassador, this gadget is the most skin friendly solution for body grooming that will help men to appear more groomed in today's age of metrosexulaity! With the launch of the Philips Bodygroom, the company has fashioned a whole new category and hopes to bring about a revolutionary change in the grooming habits of the "metrosexual" man.

When you have someone like John, sporting a clean yet refined look the why not go in for a product that can help any guy to enhance their personal appearance and hygiene. A recent survey proved that a growing proportion of men in India have already experimented with removing some body hair and a large 65% of men feel very comfortable with the idea of removing more than just their facial hair to complete their well-groomed look. A bodygroomer is a must have especially in the era where in 80% of women find excess male body hair a huge turn off and prefer smooth and groomed skin of their partners.

Aarushi Agarwal, Director Marketing, Personal Care, Consumer Lifestyle, Philips India, said “The days when a thick carpet of body hair was considered the epitome of sexy masculinity are over. The Indian woman now wants more style from her man, while the men are truly coming of age when it comes to expressing themselves”.

While John Abraham shared, “Inspired by celebrities to a large extent and with increasing consciousness about personal grooming and hygiene, men today want to look their best even when bare bodied. Keeping this trend in mind, Philips Bodygroom is just the product that can help them feel confident and desirable.

He further added, "Also, since the product is extremely skin-friendly, one no longer needs to worry about nicks or cuts, and can just enjoy the feeling of being completely well-groomed."

The product is priced at Rs.2,495/- and boasts of features like Shaving head with two trimmers especially designed for body hair. It is 100% waterproof, so it can be safely used in the shower or bath. Also it is rechargeable, requiring a 12 hours charge for an hour’s use.

And if you're one of those guys... those gangster guys... or latin lovers... this is gonna blow you away. Another global survey tells that only 7% of women are more likely to date the "hairy guy" with the bad boy image. Women are seduced by well-groomed men just like the Hunkit JOHN ABRAHAM kinds, who shave - lucky for you because you're reading this. So be clean, well-groomed, and don't show off the chest hair. It ain't in...!

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