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Wear a Bow Tie because it doesn't spill into your soup like a tie!


Ok so you've probably heard that bow ties are in fashion, and you're like a lot of guys, you don't know how to make them work for you..! A lot of men, in general, are very reluctant to demonstrate the bow tie kind of codified flamboyance, Exactly why I feel that it takes a lot of character to pull off this retro piece of neckwear. Well consider yourself lucky because will show you how is the bow-tie fashion done!

And sure enough, bow ties are not for men overly concerned with stereotypes. My top pick without a doubt is the classic 'James Bond'!

No one in the world can beat David Beckham when it comes to fashion, the crisp bow tie looks makes the man look super hot!

Ryan Wanten steals the show by breaking the black code! His bespoke ensemble makes him look edgy yet classy at the same time

No one can go wrong with a BLUE. Robert Downey Junior's bright bow tie is a must have with a classic pair of white shirt.

And yes no one wears it better than our very own Saif Ali Khan! The bollywood royalty usually sports bow ties and does complete justice to it.

Bow ties are attention-getters and we have all the more reasons to believe with Arjun Rampal's Look??!!

Bow ties are essentially a classic look that can be formal, conservative or completely edgy. It entirely depends on how you choose to wear it.What you pair it with it is as important as the one you choose. So slip on a well fitted suit and crisp shirt and wear the sexy accessory around your neck! Oh and yes don't forget your swagger!

For formal occasions, when one is wearing a dinner jacket or tuxedo, traditional black or white is probably best. Otherwise, as with most choices in life, I would suggest going with whatever makes you feel good.

Subsets of the traditional tie, such as tiepins, pocket squares, cuff links are all safer mundane choices that need a break especially in the city I live in! The good news is that the humble bow tie is clearly emerging as the frontrunner in the ever-changing fashion movement.

Tying a Bow-Tie
Tying a bow tie is no rocket science. Think of it like a shoelace. If in doubt, there are a whole lot of videos on YouTube that offer tutorials to tie them right.
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Essential Tips
1. Go for a simple point collar
2. The suit or the tuxedo should fit hug your natural shoulder shape
3. Ensure you reveal your shirt cuffs from your suit a quarter inch or half inch
4. Go in for trousers that donot have cuffs on the leg. You should look smarty pants afterall
5. For single breasted suits, 2 buttons are clean and look stylish!

Explore, experiment and share your bow tie experience with me, after all they say~ Wearing a bow tie is a statement, a fashion not for the fainthearted!

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