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Colour Trend 2013- Emerald


Ready for the new color trend of 2013? Every year, Pantone announces a new color and this year it's all about Emerald which replaces last year's tangerine tango. What I love about this colour in peculiar is that it represents a very strong sense of being when used in Fashion, and it represents harmony and liveliness when used in home interiors and decor!

Just like black, Emerald too has the capacity of being universal colour. What according to Guiltybytes gooes the best with Emerald is Gold colour. It makes it look glamorous and yet very feminine at the same time. Before you see more of this colour, here is an insight on different between shades of green for you-

Now that you know what emerald looks like, here are some of my picks from the web to help you as to how to go about Emerald this year-

Emerald Coloured Dresses

Make sure you pick a dress/top/pants coloured in emerald and pait it up with nice hues of golden/hot pinks or white. It's a colour of royalty, get your hands on one for sure.

Emerald Cloured Shoes

The emerald color in shoes is to die for. This pretty pair of shoe can be paired up with formal shades like beige, blacks and blue and more playful shades like the purples, reds and Burgundy.

Tinge of Emerald in your Cosmetics
Don't be afraid to experiment when it comes to cosmetics. Emerald kohl-ed eyes and the emerald eye shadow should be on a must to do list for all. When going to parties, you can try a glittering emerald coloured eye shadow with a solid coloured dress and let your eyes do the talking :)

Emerald Coloured Bag

Whether you are at work or are going for a day date out, carry a dose of emerald colour on your shoulder with this bag from Marc Jacobs ! 

Emerald Coloured Home Decor

This is my favorite trend spotting this year. Emerald on home walls, looks absolutely breathtaking. Add a dash of greenery along with emerald colour and see how your house brightens up in style! The picture below will give you an idea of how you should pick up home decor products, emerald in nature!

Emerald Painted Nails

And lastly, are my Emerald colured painted nails. To give them a feel of party are the silver glitters. Emerald indeed is a very beautiful colour and it has the ability to suit all type of skin tones. Think no more and romance your way with emerald this year!


When your shopping this year, you'll see sprinkles of the vibrant green in just about everything this year, try incorporating a bit of the rich hue into your wardrobe this year to be on trend!!

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  1. Emerald is definitely on my to try color list. Brilliantly put together :)


  2. Love the post and the emerald green colour!

  3. Thanks for the tips, they are usefull.

  4. this color is realy beautiful! love this trend

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