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Guilty Goes Traditional: Wedding Specials section goes LIVE


On a subtly cold January morning, I bring to you all new section on Guiltybytes, a section that is rather special because I have been longing to do this since L-O-N-G! Guilty goes traditional for this section that goes live today on wards, which will popularly be called as- Wedding Specials

So what all can you expect to read here, well i will get you-
- Wedding card inspirations
- What and how the make up should look like for different celebrations
- Theme wedding inspirational ideas
- Where to shop for what (this will also be a contributory segment, my lovely readers and friends across can send in their inputs for this)
- Recommended Salon and Boutiques
- Bridal must Haves
- Designer inspirations from renowned designers themselves
- Designer jewelry, how's and what's for brides :)
- Details on Photographers/filmmakers/concept photography and pricing
- Home decor ideas/ Interior home design ideas
- Budget shopping Ideas for bridal trosseau and home
- For more inspirational wedding read/ DIY Crafts you should get ready to subscribe to my Pinterest channel- Here

And lastly, you will also get to see and read tips and suggestions from REAL brides, their wedding themes/pictures et al...!
So gear up my lovely readers, Guiltybytes in 2013 has a lot more to offer! For all the brides-to-be and their sisters/bridesmaids/friends stay tuned to this section for more. I can't tell you how upbeat I am about this already! :)

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  1. Ah! Great to know! Really excited bout this!


  2. cool..waiting for more updates : )