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The first Birthday video of Guiltybytes...!


It's our b'day month going on...yaeeeeee and that is exactly why i am posting this post, to tell all you beautiful followers how and why this blog happened!
Love, Laughter, Friends and life is all that this ensemble will reflect. So here i bring to you the pretty little story of

A video full of love and laughter, hope you enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed making it :)

To view on YouTube click-The Birthday Video
Have a great year everyone :)

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday!


  2. Oh a very Happy Birthday to Guilty Bytes. Great blog and it was so much fun watching the video !!

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  3. Congrats Beautiful! Loved the video, so cute and the teen diva part esp. haha. keep up the good work. u are one talented woman i have to admit :)