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Happy Birthday to!!!!!



It was January 2012 when i finally convinced myself for doing something called as blogging and since then i have never looked back! Nothing gives me more happiness than sharing today that Guilty Bytes is going to turn one this January I wish i could write endlessly and tell how much lucky i am to have this place called as and have lovely readers to support it! 
To thank all my beautiful followers, i bring to you the bumper Blogoversary giveaway!

To grab this giveaway worth Rs.5000 you just have to do 3 simple things-

1. Like Guilty Bytes FB Page here- Guilty Bytes
2. Share the picture and Tag 3 friends in the comment box on Facebook- Click Here
3. Lastly, Drop a comment down here on the blog as to why you deserve this giveaway

Make sure you write your heart out, because i will be reading them all. Once you are done, keep calm and wait for February 10th to happen to know if you have won!

I will be picking single winner and you will be receiving Zara shopping card+ Mac Rouge+ Mac Lipshade + Colorbar Nail Paint+ Bodyshop Shampoo & Conditioner set of 4+ Makeup brushes+ Holiday Strings neckpieceLike always i will announce the winner of the contest on my Facebook Page at the end of the contest. Get going and good luck ladies!
*This giveaway is open to the residents of India only. 

The list of people whom i want to thank for making this dream come true is endless, but few of them who truly deserve a mention are- my b'ful mommie and daddie and divi di for encouraging me with all my wackiest ideas, Sammie bwoy for pushing me to blog finally, Raool Jeez for being a grammar nazi, Neha Kohli and Astha for making #Blogshop happen and lastly my Sony Cyber-shot for making me look good always in almost all posts!!!! ;)

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  1. hey Devina,,,you doing great with this blog..and wow what a way to celebrate anniversary..m sure gurls out hre are curious to get of luck!!! keep the charm on...<3

  2. Congratulations for your blog Devina!! You have worked in such a way that it will make you a role model for a lot of people. Wish you good luck and hope you keep up the hard and good work going. And yes...the reason why I deserve this giveaway is weird ... so here I go.... "I love to live a glamorous life after all I am a girl :p . This blogoversary giveaway gift of yours has everything I need and wish for everyday. Everyone wants to look good, so do I. I have a shopping addiction. Zara being my favorite brand caught my eyes here. The Mac lipshade is magical it holds the promise of a brilliant smile,a brilliant day and that is what one wishes for.The colorbar nail paints.,I have a feeling this one’s gonna drive the color-lovers wild as It happend to me. :D This collection has some serious action happening ;) I love it all. I deserve it coz after all I am a glomorous girl ":D

  3. lil sis...........good to c u growing.........keep it up

  4. Happy 1st Year!! Hahaha. And it looks like a great giveaway. :) Thank you for following me! I am following you right back on GFC now. xx

    Many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

  5. Sat Sri Akal Guilty bytes,
    main tuhaada blog wekheya, te mainu bada changa lageya. Tussi sweet ho. Tuhaadi army di kahaaniyan mere dil nu chhoo jaandi han. Main tuhaadi postan da intezaar kardi haan. Eh wadhiya kamm jaari rakho. Ik saal pura hon diyaan lakh lakh wadhaiyan!
    Main ik ladki haan te mainu inn sab cheezaan da shauk hai. Mera supna hai ki meri ek aapni barbie jihi duniya ho. Tuhaada blog ik jariya hai oh supna poora karan da. Dhaanwaad.
    Jittan di gal dooji hai, je main haar vi gayi, tuhaade blog di mere dil wich ik alag jagah rahegi.
    Dher saara pyaar te shubhkaamnayein,

  6. I loveeeeeeee your blog and everything you have been writing here. I am a regular reader and my favorite section is army and love. Being in relationship with a soldier myself, I love reading the romance in uniform tales. Congratulations for completing a year with Guilty Bytes. And i think i deserve this hamper because i want to try all the beauty advice's you have been sharing on the blog using MAC lipshade nad rouge. And i want a similar military jacket as you from Zara, so the Zara shopping card is also on my mind. If i could be brand ambassador for one brand, that would be Bodyshop, i cant wait to grab these bodyshop hampers too! i want to i want to i want to wear the holiday strings chain when i go on a holiday with my soldier! I think i deserve this gift hamper because, it's guilty byte's b'day and i am a loyalist reader, so yeah, fingers crossed for this. and Devina, keep up the good work , will continue reading your writings. Cant wait to see more posts and you in fashion category as well. I think the best part about the fashion reads is that everything you preview is wearable and to me that matters the most. Thank you for updating us with Guilty Bytes every now and then. much love, aastha :)

  7. Happy birthday ! Hope to have a great year ahead :D
    xoxo <3

  8. happie birthday guilty bytes! Greetings from Kolkata.. first up i have to say that you have a superb sense of color and style.Second i admire every single blogger out there, especially the beauty and fashion ones, because it really is a mammoth task to take out the time to do so. I've been meaning to join the blogging club myself but cannot find neither the courage nor the resources to start a blog like this. this is maybe the only reason that i feel that i deserve to win this giveaway of yours. every time i go out with my girls i just drool over the big high street shops. They are almost like an amusement park for a chronic window-shopper like me. A sight for sore eyes. i feel they call out to me. every single one of them. they have such tempting names too, dont they?? ZARA, PROMOD, MANGO, ALDO, MAC, LUSH, THE BODY SHOP, AND, KAZO, AND WHAT NOT... The list is endless. The problem is- I cant afford any of them!! Exasperating naa?? just the thought of winning something like this, OWNING something like this makes me so happy! So fingers crossed Devina. I hope i win it ;).. sorry for such a long rambling comment but i seriously love what you do.. keep it up.:D

  9. Congratulations on your one year success Devina and Guilty Bytes! I wish you luck that like today, you continue to inspire many young women like myself and my friends through your blog! I am a regular follower of and hope to continue buying and reading the latest in fashion @Guilty Bytes! Keep up the good work... you have a long journey to follow towards success :)

  10. congrats on your blog for one year!!!~~

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  11. congratulations for your first anniversary and i deserve this because i am a big fan of all the branded products as they provide excellent quality of the product and also i like all kind of beauty products as thay take care of my skin

  12. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hey Devina,
    Congratulations on completing a year of your wonderful Blog.Ive been reading your blog since a long time and It has updated my fashion knowledge to a great extent.Like every other girl even I am obsessed with fashion trends,online shopping,fashion life of celebrities and every thing glamorous which this blog never disappoints me with its updates :). Keep writing :)I am totally in love with your write ups and shopping stock.Keep up with the good work :)Long way to go :) Having a blog of my own and an online shopping page I know what it feels writing a blog which totally describes you and catches the attention of pretty girls :) . I have this huge obsession with brands but they being so expensive always make me take a step back being an amateur you cant always afford.All the brand names makes me crazy ,drooling over those sequin dresses,heels,skirts and make up <3 is just a different sort of a feeling when you get a sight of them it just makes you so excited that you feel like buying each on of them .I deserve to win this because even Im just like another girl who is obsessed with fashion :D Who would love to have any sort of fashion accessories ,make up and clothes <3 All the blogs and shopping (ENDLESS LOVE) .Anyway keep writing I know how much calm it makes you when you write about something you love,Its a great blog :)Keep the good work up .

  15. First of all, heartiest congratulations on completing a year of this wonderful blog that just blossomed into some real good material with your undying attention and care. And what more can be more exciting to a blog's readers then a giveaway so great that I seem to already have vehement competion :P Ok now I should get to the point and tell you why I deserve this (can't paste a photo a my crying-begging face here...can I? :P ) So, as you know I'm a sucker for looking good and that explains my need for the cosmetics you are givin away and then the funky neck piece by holiday strings would surely complement whatever I can afford on the Zara gift card and if you wish and I wish too (ofcourse) I could just WIN! Hehe! Cheers! And keep up the good work lovely <3

  16. congrats :) :***...happy blogging...keep up the awesome work you doing...following you...kisses...

  17. Dearest Devina,

    Happy Birthday Guiltybytes. Much before i can say or tell anything, i have to admit that i have been following reading on blogs and online since long, but your blog is really one of the best i am subscribed to. Your genuine sense of writing and style makes Guiltybytes one of the most interesting blogs ever. Like every other girl, who is trying to seek for best information to LOOK Good and stylish, i have been following reading your all posts religiously. Ok now for the competition part, i think i deserve all the above listed products because i am a girl who is very simple and who still wants to look simple but is wanting to experience what's it's like to use brands that everyone else keeps on talking bout. I love bodyshop products, they are very organic and nice, and i have to admit that i haven't really used MAC products, but i do wish to. MY BIRTHDAY is around the corner and i want to be using the perfect pink lipshade to look like the Birthday princess. Zara is on my lust list and the holiday strings, i cant wait to wear them for my next holiday! and if i win, i want you to teach me how to use the make up kit that i will get in the giveaway. and the colors of the nailpaint bottles are like me, bubbly and full of life, would love to use them all and share pictures with you. I love your blogshop too and i really do want to tell you that your content is amazing, the way you write just makes me realize that it's easy being a girl next dooor and then still being able to grab all eyeballs. The new look of your blog is beautiful, i think that's exactly how you look Miss Guilty! God bless you with your ventures, keep up the good work and keep writing! Kisses from Mumbai!

  18. Wht you do here is make girl next door transform into Diva with all good reviews here for guiding her rite.. I am one such Diva now ;) Love you and your blog!!

    Keep the good goin not just life the past 1 successful & glorious year but fr many many more better years to come!!

  19. ummm.. Yeah, its me again.*smiling sheepishly*
    Sorry for being such a stalker Devina... but i kinda forgot its my BIRTHDAY on the 19th of this month.. so yeah.. it would be amazing to receive such a wonderful bunch of goodies as my birthday present..
    *joining hands and falling on her knees while making a little girl sad face*
    you know how birthdays make us girls a giggly overexcited bunch don't ya? ;)

  20. So yes! Last but not the least! Not in forever :*
    On the grandest of this occasion you deserve more than just a congratulations!
    Coz it's not just a blog, it's your heart talking, singing, dancing and of course crying. So it's when your tales of love from the fauji talking touches our heart in a way that gives us not just goosebumps but so innate happiness that I, for one, start wishing to get married to a soldier.
    So it's your food posts which gives us all the gastronomical pleasures at one place. *drools*. It's when you speak of music we could actually hear and feel them singing. And yes, when it's fashion, you already know what I feel about it. It is easy to BUY products but it is the ensemble and the styling that matters.Kudos Guilty Bytes. You are an inspiration. An inspiration in all facets of life. And yes may the blog lives a long life :)

    That was that. Now what makes me a deserving candidate for this giveaway:
    For the love of fashion,
    which highlights my personality in a unique way,
    For a girl, who likes to encapsulate new ideas in her style and make up, housing a mac product is one of the biggest make up milestone ever!
    For those luncheons, for those easy hangouts, a good hair day is all one needs. The Body Shop is epitome to beauty!
    And to a perfect embellishment to everything perfect would be needless to say a zara thingy!
    I live to breathe accessories. Yes you can quote me for that and hence honor me with your geeky holiday strings neck piece.

    I don't want to be a girl next door, I want people to have their eyes on me, I want girls to get jealous when I walk with that pretty Zara dress and sumptuous mac make up and let people know I HAVE ARRIVED.

    Happy Birthday Guilty Bytes aka Devina! You know you're the best! Keep up the kick ass work.

    Love :)

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