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Final Bridal Checklist Before the Big Day!


It's inauguration time and it's a shout out to all the brides...! In this post I bring to the most important, rather a very handy final checklist for your reference.

It's your final showdown and I know you are already through with your bridal trousseau but like everybody else you must have not got yourself some of THE most important things. In case you have, then a huge applause for you, in case you haven't then don't be disheartened, relax, take a deep breath and scroll down for 5 most essential things my dear bride-to-be!

Bridal Vanity Kit
Along with a good quality foundation, carry a primer rich in vitamins that will allow you to hide all wrinkles, scars and under eye darkness. Smudge proof eyeliner and eye shadow, face powder and lipstick are a must haves. But the most important things to carry in the vanity kit are wet wipes and make up remover ( I use the makeup remover from MAC, works really well) and a toner!

Nude Lingerie 

Of all the fancy lingeries you have got for yourself if you forgot to collect the nude shade lingerie then wait no more and Shop for one! Dear Bride underneath any white garment, DO NOT wear a white lingerie, instead wear a NUDE one. Nude is the new neutral. As far as the underpants are concerned, nude works very well under tight clothes-no seams, no worries! If you don't have the time to shop, indulge in some online purchases from Zivame

Small Sewing Kit

What if the new skimpy blouse you wore with a beautiful Benarsi saree just made a sound of a tearing cloth? As our mommy's always said, better be safe than being sorry, so lovelies, get yourself a basic sewing kit comprising of scissors, some needles, threads in basic colors and measuring tape. It's always good to have a durable kit that you can carry where ever, whenever. Make sure you get one for yourself.

Hair Dryer

Many of you have already invested in a hair straightener, don't panic seeing this picture. For those who haven't please get a blow dryer for your hair. It's easy to use, makes your hair look naturally sorted after a wash and works best for last minute guest arrivals at home type of situations. I use the one from Philips and It works pretty well on my hair!

Extra Earring Backs

The most tragic situation for any girl is loosing on to an earring's back! (In my case it's more like a crisis) In order to avoid last minute blunders, carry super additional pair of earring backs with you in your vanity kit. Every-time you purchase jewelry, ask for extra earring backs. 
Additionally carry extra safety pins too, you never know when you will need them :)

Now that you are through with your checklist from Guiltybytes, feel at ease and gear up for your big day!!!

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  1. I never though about how a small earring back could make that difference !Just never strike me before,and now agreeing to d fact that wow, its so Imp.. !
    BTW, I have an Ongoing Giveaway on my blog, and would love if you entered
    Enter $80 Giveaway By Msdressy

  2. I am getting married in feb and guess what i don't have 4 most important things from guiltybyte's checklist! I need to get the nude bra, the blow dryer, the earring back and the sewing machine kit! thanks so much for this, i will do the needful :)

    Lobe and kisses,
    Sneha Jamwal

  3. Great post! FOLLOWING YOU NOE :)


  4. Great post :)

    Following you :)

  5. great idea with the earring backs!!
    maybe you would like to follow each other?