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Wedding Series: 6 Products You Are Missing in Your Vanity Box


Make up and more makeup is every bride's calling! In between all the running around for clothes, boutiques and fittings a lot of women ignore some of the most important products for their vanity boxes.If you are bride on budget or If you are a bride seeking for the right products apart from usual lipsticks, eye-shadows and Kohl for your makeup box, then read the new post for all the details.

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1. Day and Night Makeup Blush
You are charmed by blushes from every brand and you still don't know what blush you should be going in for your kit? Okay the first rule is to pick up two extreme shades-a dark shade and a light day. For dark, go in for a maroon, brown, warm tinge appropriate for the night and for the light shade pick up a rosy, matte blush. There are a lot of options to choose from in the market, like MAC tea peta for the night or MAC rosy for the day. The budget girls can opt for Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush- Creamy Cinnamon for the night and Myabelline Peachy sweety for the day.

2. Foundation
A perfect foundation that you usually see on actress/models is never a single shade. To get the perfect shade, get two shades of foundation. one should be of your skin tone and other one must be a shade darker, yes you read it right- darker. Th reason is simple, learn to embrace you skin tone and the lighter shade only highlights the unevenness of your face and the make you look ghostly white. Mix two shades and blend well using a foundation brush. Foundation I will recommend that you invest in an expensive brand especially when your skin is sensitive or prone to pimple. Indulge in a MAC, Clinique and Estee Lauder base. The bride on budget can get her hands on a MAC. Make sure you test a lot of shades before finalizing the right one for your skin tone.

3. Concealer
Call it a god's gift or a blessing in disguise, owning a concealer is a boon. Best suited for under-eye and area around the lips. Concealer is a must after base as it refines the skin to perfection. You simply need to dab the concealer using a finger tip and spread it evenly to get the best result. Get the one from mac or Bobbi Brown, my personal favorites. For the Budget bride, the close substitute is a cc cream or a high end bb cream.

4. Make up Fixer
A lot of my friends still don't know the secret behind my dewy makeup. Err, now that I have to disclose it, It's called as MAC fix plus. It's a perfect setting spray for your makeup and is a must have product for a night makeup look. The best spray till date has been MAC Fix Plus for me. You can read the entire review here.

5. Mascara
You love kajal, eyeliner and eye shadow and you think these three components complete your eye makeup, well darling, It's the application of a mascara that gives you the perfect edgy eyes. Go in for voluminous mascara from Loreal which happens to my favorite mascara. For the Budget bride I will recommend Lakme eye-conic eyeliner because of it's curl on brush that holds your lashes really well.

6. White Eye primer (cream)
A lot of you I am sure don't use an eye primer, because I too wasn't using one until I saw few you tube videos by beauty bloggers across and how they kind of highlight the area underneath their eyebrow which makes the eyes look really pretty. It is very simple to apply this product, just take your index finger and like a lip balm apply in under your brow. It stabilizes smokey eyes or glitter eye makeup hence is a must recommendation from my side! Choose a mac primer (cream base) or white powder from colorbar (for the budget bride).

You must have noticed how I am little biased towards MAC, well okay, here's the confession. I am a mac-o-holic. I think mac products are an investment, I haven't really purchased a Chanel foundation or the likes because I love what I buy from mac and I have always had the best results always. Also don't forget to keep cotton balls for makeup fixing and removal and a good moisturizer all the while to hydrate your skin post and pre makeup use. These are top 6 products you must have along with lipsticks, brushes, kajal, eyeliners etc. 

Hope you guys liked this post. Wish you all a happy wedding season!
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